• Finding your Voice - The School Package

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    The School Oracy Package

    • One-year access to the Finding your Voice programme
    • A whole day’s training for two delegates
    • A twilight training session to help improve oracy school-wide
    • Support and guidance from our expert team throughout the process
  • About Finding your Voice...

    Like us, do you believe it’s time to rethink the way students learn in our out-of-date education system?


    Are you frustrated by the lack of soft skills focus in our national curriculum? Is oracy a priority in your school development plan?


    At Finding your Voice, we are very excited to be introducing our state-of-the-art, cutting-edge verbal communications programme - one which seeks to revolutionise the way schools think about how their students learn best.

    Our school package gives schools and colleges a low-cost, high-quality way of bringing oracy teaching and learning back to the forefront of their English or PSHE curriculum.


    Delivered over twelve chapters, students are taught everything from the art of a handshake to how to deliver presentations to large audiences under pressure.


    Finding your Voice is non-selective and ensures that every young person who journeys through the programme will become more confident, articulate and ultimately, employable.


    This is about giving every young person in the country the very best chances of success for the future, and when it matters most. Coming across well in the most pressurised of situations can be the difference between success and not, in some cases drastically shifting the trajectory of their career path.

    Once you’ve watched the trailer above and assuming you like what you see (and we believe you will!), talk to us to find out how you can bring Finding your Voice to your school.


    We look forward to welcoming you and congratulate you on helping every young person in the UK find their voice.


    Exam results will get a young person to the door, but their character will take them through it.

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  • Other Outstanding Programmes We Offer...

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    Interview and Presentation Skills Coaching

    Who? Years 11-13

    Give your school leavers every chance of success after their time with you ends with our interview and presentation skills workshops. Our expertise in the corporate world means your young people are in very capable hands - we know exactly what big businesses are looking for and how to ensure your students come across brilliantly every time! Workshops are often subsidised in schools by utilising pupil premium spending.

    Verbal Communications Training for Teachers

    Who? All Staff

    It’s essential that your teachers are modelling great oracy skills to your students. Too often, this isn’t prioritised during teacher training. Our workshop will ensure your staff gain a greater awareness of how they come across and feel more confident to take on the pressures of assemblies, meetings and presentations. With over 30 years experience in schools, our team know all too well how essential these skills are.

    ASC Intensive Communication Skills

    Who? ASC Students

    An intensive verbal communications programme, tailored to meet the needs of adolescents on the autistic spectrum. This workshop explores the demands of socialising and the world of work. Designed for young people about to leave education or those requiring techniques to navigate difficult social situations. This workshop is facilitated by our Senior Life Skills Instructor who draws on a decade of experience in helping those with ASC.

    Communicating with Impact


    Who? School Leaders

    A training programme for school leaders which uses simple techniques to come across confidently with impact when it matters. SLT members are expected to be great communicators on a daily basis, be this with other staff, parents or students. The workshop includes deconstructing body language, gesture, vocal tone and vitally, how to bring them all together. Training is enhanced by deconstructing the perception gap between how we think we come across and the reality.

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  • The Team

    Who is making the magic happen?

    Hugo Simpson

    FyV Co-Founder

    Hugo trained at LAMDA before treading the boards as an actor. He has spent the last sixteen years heading various businesses and for the last eleven years has been the CEO of Laughton Scott, a communication training company. The LS team work with clients such as Barclays, Sky and Network Rail, galvanising their people to become more confident, dynamic communicators.

    Ben Woollen

    FyV Co-Founder

    As a former assistant headteacher, Ben realised his corporate communications expertise would be invaluable if shared with today’s young people, giving them the best chances of success in the adult world. These experiences give him a strong grasp of the gap between what schools teach and what businesses need.

    Chris Brennan

    Head of Programmes

    Chris comes to the FyV team with over 15 years’ experience as a child and adolescent therapist. Having worked with some of the hardest to reach young people in the country and through enabling them to live independent and happy lives, he truly understands the immense need to improve verbal communications and soft skills.

    Dan Ford

    Head of Operations

    A former teacher, English lead and assistant head, Dan was determined to find new and relevant ways for young people to learn in a rapidly-changing world. He brings a wealth of classroom experience to the team, ensuring we have a strong understanding of the needs of school leaders, teachers and students alike.

    Alison Norrington

    Story/Experience Designer

    Alison has over 20 years’ experience in professional storytelling and entertainment, working with companies from Walt Disney Imagineering to Penguin and beyond. She has concepted, created and written The Launch as an interactive, immersive storyworld that young people of today will resonate, engage and connect with.

    Nataly Ríos Goicoechea

    Creative Consultant, Conducttr

    Nataly is an experienced interactive narrative designer. She has worked on educational and factual interactive projects for clients such as Visa, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Al Jazeera. For The Launch, she is responsible for creating engaging experiences that provoke and support the real-world practical activities.

    Robert Pratten

    CEO, Conducttr

    Robert is author of the popular University text book, ‘Getting Started in Transmedia Storytelling’ and secretary of the international standards group for Human Performance Markup Language. He brings a wealth of experience from educational projects for the Florida Council on Economic Education, Mindlab, UK Ministry of Defense, Pepsi and C-Net Training.

    Richel Lacanlale

    Office Manager

    Prior to joining the FyV team, Richel’s worked in the areas of analytics and project management. She is responsible for the development, integration and execution of a multi-challenge Customer Relations platform. As part of her CMS function, she is also responsible for conducting post-campaign analytics and developing continuous improvements to help carry out customer relations seamlessly.

    Olusola Adebiyi

    School Liaison

    Sola is a professional storyteller, public speaker and facilitator with many years of local and international experience engaging people in “developing the creativity to fulfill their dreams”. As Programme and Facilitation Lead for two London-based charities, his primary focus has been innovative and creative personal development work with young people. 

    Andrew Jenks

    Business Analyst

    Andrew comes from a corporate background in finance. He invests significant time to understanding the wider business and other industries to contribute and lead broader business strategy and decision making. Having benefited significantly from FyV’s training himself, he recognises the importance of aligning leadership and people skills to the workplace, particularly for those from disadvantaged backgrounds, and is now passionate to help others find their voice too.

    Sam Bowen

    Public Relations

    Over a 23 year career in communications, Sam has established himself as a crisis and reputation management expert. He has advised and represented boards for various acquisitions and enquiries such as the University of East Anglia’s Climategate incident, EMI during its acquisition by Universal Music as well as being the spokesperson for Express Newspapers during the Leveson Enquiry. Sam was part of a select reputation management team for Naomi Campbell during the war crimes trial of former President of Liberia, Charles Taylor.

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